The most important component of the automatic brush cleaning system is the special reversing valve, designed as 4wayvalve in the nominal size from 80 mm to 600 mm, respective for nominal flow rate from 50m³/h to 3000 m³/h. In case of larger nominal sizes respect. flow rates, the flow direction will be reserved by butterflyvalves a method, which is approved in the power industry for many years. Beside the functional security of longterm operation the pressure drop and the leakage rate of the reversing armature are very important parameter.
In Kalvo’s type DX they perform extreme low values.
The standard unit is designed for an operation pressure of 10 bar and a cooling water temperature in maximum of 50°C.
In accordance with the actual operation conditions and water quality the units will be manufactured of construction steel inclusive coating (standard design) or completely made of stainless steel.
The flow direction and the position of installation are variable, they will be arranged to the local conditions.
normal waterflow:
reversing waterflow:
The cooling water passes the armature oppositely, i.e. the inlet water flows through the casing and the backflow water through the swivel tube inside the reversing armature (flow directions can be changed). For the reversal flow direction the adjusting drive system turns the swivel tube by 60° clockwise from the inlet flow tube to the backflow tube. The period of reversed flow is limited to 30 sec., after this time the adjusting system returns to the normal position. The cleaning cycle is designed for a period of 4 hours, in general this will be sufficient for usual operation conditions (cooling water quality, water temperature, flow velocity etc.).
The reversing armature may be placed acc. to local conditions.
For special conditions with different cleaning cycles and extended duration of the reversed position required the facilities of adjustment are provided.
Connections: Sealings: Coating:
Flange connections in accordance with DIN or ANSI standards DN 50 … DN 600 Radial shaft sealing rings are fabricated acc. to DIN 3760, flat sealings of the cover flange will be 3 mm thick and free of asbestos Protecting coating is based on epoxid resin, executed in 3 layers, approx. 200 µm thick.
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