The formation of deposits and other contamination are for industries where heat exchangers play an important role a serious problem since a long time.
Economic statistics from the British and U.S. industry call billions of dollars in losses as a direct
or indirect result of pollution in thermo-technical installations.
For Germany due to the same economic and pro-
duction structures losses in this amount are also accepted.
The effects are well known:

● energy losses due to reduced output of heat exchanger

● maintenance costs for repetitive cleaning procedures

● loss of production within the cleaning periods

● or additional procurement costs for parallel systems

This can be prevented through an effective and economical system, which has proven itself over many years.
The Company
For over 25 years manufacture and sale of automatic cleaning systems for tubular heat exchangers and condensers,(formerly MAN-brush system).
Own developments and patents of flow-reversing-valves for cooling water circuits, special versions of catch baskets.
Specialist also for manual cleaning of tube heat exchanger (gentle but thorough!).
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