The assortment of cleaning brushes is designed for a diameter range from 10mm to 24mm in case of circular tubes, for elliptic tubes there is a special design available.
The cleaning function within circular tubes requires a water flow velocity in minimum of 0.6 m/s at a pressure drop of 0.06 bar. For elliptic tubes the velocity in minimum must be 1.0 m/s.
The friction resistance between bristles and the internal wall of the tube reduces the brush velocity to half of the water velocity.
This velocity difference between cooling water flow and brush affects the splashout of the soluble fouling particles.
Any grinding on the natural protection layer of the heat transfer surfaces or protective layers provided are excluded. The materials of brush caps, bristles and internal wire are resistant against any kind of cooling water (for example: city, ground, surfaceand sea water) up to water temperatures of 100°C. Special materials for hire temperature are also available. The live time of cleaning brushes and accessories in standard design conditions and for regular cleaning periods from 4 to 6 hours amounts 5 years.
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